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Get All The Hot Couples You Want On!

Get All The Hot Couples You Want On XXXPERSONALS.COM!

Find a hot threesome tonight with sexy local couples looking for available men in their area! Join the hottest sex trend in North America - sexy threeways! Hooking up for a threeway can seem daunting if you've never done it before. We make it easy for you by taking out all of the hard stuff and making it fun and keeping it loose! This is the perfect site to find wild threesomes and change your lifestyle so you can live like a celebrity! Read on and find out how to have sexy threesomes!

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We Have Millions Of Members Looking For Threeways!

We Have Millions Of Members Looking For Threeways!

We have the largest member database of any casual sex or dating site online! We feature millions of couples in North America, Europe, Asia, and many other countries - looking for hot men to have sex with! There are at least thousands of local couples that want to hook up with you RIGHT NOW! XXXPERSONALS is the most popular site for threesomes and swingers! Once you get in with some of the hot and popular members you can also join in on the private swinger parties and orgies!

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Find Sexy Local Couples Near You While You're On-The-Go

Find Sexy Local Couples Near You While You're On-The-Go

Finding couples and hookups has never been easier! Whether you're a homebody, a traveller, or you just love to hookup with as many couples as possible - you can use XXXPERSONALS.COM to get EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT in the bedroom! Start living out your fantasies the way you've always dreamed. The sexiest men and women can be at your disposal as of today!

Checkout Our Smart Location Browsing For Instant Hookups!

Checkout Our Smart Location Browsing For Instant Hookups!

When you use our "smart location" option, you're connected with couples and other members you might want to have sex with in your area! You set the radius and the preferences! It's so easy! You can even opt-in for alerts when someone new shows up nearby! Message members nearby for hookups and hot sex! You never have to wait again when you find couples based on convenience! Use our app to hookup no matter what time of day or night it is, and no matter where you are! Our site spans across all countries and has service on every up to date mobile phone!

Member Discretion Is A Top Priority For XXXPersonals!

Member Discretion Is A Top Priority For XXXPersonals!

When you use our site, you're guaranteed discretion and privacy. We prevent spammers and we give you as many options as possible to protect your identity and sexual preference. You can use our special features like "invisibility" to control when other members can see you and when they can't! You can also block members at any time, should you see a co-worker or a couple that you're not interested in hooking up with! Tonight you can have wild sex that no one else knows about! Whether you want to brag to your friends about your new exciting lifestyle or you want to keep it hush - the decision is yours!

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Threeways Are The Hottest Sex Trend Right Now!

Threeways Are The Hottest Sex Trend Right Now!

Get on board with the hottest trend that celebrities, swingers, and adventurous singles and couples are getting up to! Why shouldn't you join in on the fun, too? Even conservative men and women all over North America are getting swept up in the trend at key parties and online connections. 90% of people polled in a recent top fashion and lifestyle magazine say that the easiest way to find a threesome is with online sex sites! We make it easier for you to find the right couples so you can have sex sooner and with hotter people! When you use online sex services you get the pick of the litter and you can find the right couple for your sexual needs. You never need to guess or cross your fingers - just search for the type of couple you prefer and send them a message! It's so easy and so much fun, everyone is doing it!

Threesomes Are More Fun And More Satisfying!

Threesomes Are More Fun And More Satisfying!

Most men and women agree that a successful threesome brings them better orgasms and satisfaction! It helps to ignite fires in dull relationships, create a newfound sense of confidence in all parties involved, and opens people's eyes to the sexual world out there! Whether you're looking to fulfill a sexual need or you're just up to explore your bisexual or bi-curious options in a safe zone, this is the best place to try! We have completely straight couples, bisexual couples, couples who like to play with light S&M, and couples who just enjoy swinging and partying!

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XXXPERSONALS is my FAVORITE HOOKUP SITE! The couples on here are BANGING. I'm bisexual and I can't even get women or men this good looking by myself! But paired up on here, I guess I can get pretty hot people. I've been living like a celebrity and loving life. Forget boring dates and vanilla sex. Now I get it ALL WAYS, EXACTLY HOW I WANT IT.


dandy_andy 25, Dallas

My girlfriend is young and she's really horny. Sometimes I'm just not enough for her, but I'm open to satisfying her if it means keeping our relationship together. So she invites men of her choosing into our bedroom (or yacht) for fun. Sometimes I participate, and other times I just like to watch. She's loving it, and therefore I'm happy, too!


doublebonbons 24/31, Miami

We used to try and get our friends to swing with us, but they're just not that adventurous, and it's not that fun when all parties involves aren't totally into it. My boyfriend likes to experiment with men and I have no problem with it, so this way we BOTH get to have a blast fulfilling our fantasies. Thank you, XXXPERSONALS!


TeamFunBuns 25/26, Dallas

Our sex life has never been better! Since joining XXXPERSONALS we've increased our sex drives and it's like we've fallen back in love! Just this past weekend we had a wild 48-hour fling with a hot stud, popping champagne in a penthouse at a hotel, and having tons of orgasms! You don't know what you're missing until you're having the hottest sex of your life!


SexuelleHealing 33/37, San Diego

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You like having sex with couples? Cuz I know I do! And I couldn't find any other sites that actually hooked me up with couples. They only ever had, like, 3 couples and they were always fat and gross. But on this site, the couples are banging! I get to slam guys wives, I get to explore all of my sexual urges. I've done it with all races, too!



Our relationship was getting stale and my wife started to step out on me, so I looked for another solution. At first I didn't think I'd get into having a threesome with another man, but it unlocked desires inside me that I never even knew I had. I love sharing my woman with another man, maybe even more than she does! Our friends can't believe how wild we are now!



My girlfriend broke up with me because she thought that my desires were "too wild" for her. Guess she was right! Haha! Since breaking up with her I've been using XXXPERSONALS to hook up with sex couples and go to swinging parties with them. I had no idea people like me could live this kind of lifestyle. Can't wait to rub it in Marie's face!

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