Online Envoy™

Online Envoy™ Feature: may, at its discretion, cause or allow You to be contacted by one or more Online Envoys™ as a part of's Online Envoy™ entertainment feature.

An Online Envoy™ may be a real person, such as another Member, a digital actor, an avatar or a synthespian (e.g. a computer generated "person" or "character"). Online Envoys™ may be employed by or a third party to enhance Your online experience. For example, an Online Envoy™ may provide an electronic introduction to new or existing features or functionality.

Online Envoys™ may also provide to You, or enable You to receive, digital introductions to all Members. Online Envoys™ may also be employed to enhance online relationships, encourage active participation in or discourage inappropriate behavior.

An Online Envoy™ may be a current or past Member, an independent contractor, a digital creation, You or a digital representation of You.

Online Envoys™ are not authorized agents or representatives of unless they receive prior authorized by the management of in, writing, to be so and that authorization is clearly visible in the communication from the Online Envoy™. No person, entity, digital actor or other synthetic creation acting as an Online Envoy™ is empowered by to use any of its websites, any membership or any other function or feature of to sell or trade anything, or to may make any promises or representations, or otherwise act, on behalf of, or bind to any agreement or contract without express prior written authorization by the owners or management of to do so.

If You should receive a communication by an Online Envoy™ purporting to be a communication from, such as an "Official Informational Communication" as defined herein (see below), You may, and are encouraged to, verify that such communication is indeed authorized by by contacting through our Customer Service Department. PLEASE REPORT ALL INAPPROPRIATE OR SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR BY AN ONLINE ENVOY™ TO THE ATTENTION OF [email protected]

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions or by otherwise becoming a Member of, You hereby authorize, to use or allow, in its sole discretion, one or more Online Envoys™ to communicate with you via email, an instant messenger program, or by any and all other means now known or hereinafter invented for the purposes set forth above, any other purpose set forth in, or consistent with, these Terms and Conditions or any future modifications hereof, and for any and all other lawful purposes.

You also hereby expressly authorize all data in Your profile and all other data regarding Your use of to be used in and in association with Research's Online Envoy™ Features, including, for example, to provide introductions to other Members, introductions to other real and factious persons, including those in other dating services. To assist in the formulation and transmission of communications to You, and to enable or a third party in the creation and use of one or more Online Envoys™ based on, acting as, or representing, You.

You hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that all communications by, from, to or in association with, Online Envoys are for entertainment purposes only, except for the sole educational and informative purpose of communicating "Official Informational Communications" about Your membership, existing or upcoming programs or features of or instructions for using (e.g., messages about membership status, new feature data, how to upload photographs, etc., officially communicated via one or more Online Envoys™).

You acknowledge and agree that no communication shall be, or shall be interpreted to be, an "Official Informational Communication" unless it clearly indicates that it is an official communication from and such communication via an Online Envoy™ has, in fact, been prior authorized and approved by

You hereby also expressly acknowledge and agree that any and all communications by or in association with any Online Envoy™ that are not Official Informational Communications are not communications from or any of its principals, officers, employees, agents, attorneys, contractors or affiliates, nor are such communications intended by or any other party to be communications upon which You should or will reasonably rely for any purpose whatsoever.

As is the case with all data provided by Members, is not responsible for reviewing, verifying, auditing, policing or modifying the content of the Online Envoys™' profiles or any other communications regardless of how or when such communications are made.